Edward Allen Brown is a 26 year native of San Diego with years of experience indulging the city’s architectural vanity through the camera’s lens. He has since expanded on his master’s degree from the New School of Architecture and Design with his studio work, where he brings the same intuitive understanding of lighting and sense of compositional harmony to capture the countenances of people. Edward’s eye and skill for direction make him an able capturer of time’s transient moments.

“My philosophy has always been to use natural light within its intended direction, or create that direction using artificial light, enabling the artist to capture contrast. The emotion is then revealed but not artificially created. Photography is a medium unlike any other. You can see more contrast and feel more emotion.”

One day in 1993 while in a graduate program we were required to photograph study models for our thesis. I had my three year old daughter, Tiffany, who was working with me that day, sit up on a dark platform placed my camera on its tri-pod and just began talking with her. The result was pure and honest emotion so clear in kids and people today. Thus began my pursuit of the artistic natural…

I have had the distinct honor to be hired to photograph weddings from S. Margherita Ligure Italy, Kauai, to Quito Ecuador and Puerto Vallarta, and my goal is the same to capture life as it is.

I am so fascinated by people and by context, as they exist, but enjoy the non-contextural, as well. Please join me as I begin to explore recycled fashion in a contemporary form, or as in architecture we refer to as “the post modern”. Taking from the past, but looking toward the future. I like it when things just happen.

Edward A. Brown, M. Arch PPA

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